7 Cars That Refuse to Die

The longest lasting, most reliable cars on the road are those which are designed to outlive their warranty and provide their drivers with hundreds of thousands of mileage.  They don’t usually make the list of most glamorous or tech-savvy cars on the road, but after all, the more gadgets there are, the more likely things will break and malfunction.  However, it’s the fact that these cars are reliable to a fault (and prove to be allergic to your mechanic’s service bay!)

Let’s take a look at the top 7 most reliable cars on the road:

Toyota Corolla


Simple, basic, and reliable transportation is what gives the Corolla its reputation for being one of the longest lasting vehicles on the market. The tried-and-true technology, simple features, and 4-speed automatic transmission (which was a 90’s innovation!) keeps Corollas powering past the 200,000 mile mark.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Subaru Outback


The rough-and-ready exterior is familiar with its body falling somewhere between a station-wagon and a crossover. So while it’s not winning any awards on luxury and style, a surprisingly high percentage of Outbacks ever made are still on the road today. A regular fixture on used car lots, the standard all-wheel Subaru Outback sets them apart from other similar Subarus.

Ford Crown Victoria


While this particular car hasn’t been made for years (since 2011, when Ford stopped taking orders for police sedans), it’s still one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road. Ford leveraged an old and trusted design including a body-on-frame setup and simple V-8 engine under the hood. With no advanced technology, it’s easy and cheap to service, easy to keep on the road, and runs just like the day your drove it home.

Honda Sedans


Both of Honda’s top sedans, the Civic and the Accord, are staples on the road. Their ability to pull people into dealership showrooms is unparalleled, only going neck-and-neck with the Toyota Camry and Corolla.  Their exterior is sportier than most basic sedans making them attractive to first time buyers and families, while proving their reliability on the road. Because they equipped with standard technology, these cars generally stay out of your mechanic’s shop – but beware of the Hybrid models. More technology = More problems.

Toyota Camry


It’s not by mistake that this 4-door sedan is the best-selling car in America. Not only do people buy it for the luxurious drive, comfortable interior, and sleek body shape, but when people buy a Camry, they’re confident in their decision because they know they won’t have to purchase another car for 8-10 years. Seeing Camrys with a high mileage over 100k isn’t uncommon (with the commonality of doubling that), and with the option of a 4- or 6-cylinder, there’s no model that should be avoided.

Ford Taurus


An unusual vehicle on this list, the Ford Taurus essentially took the place of the Crown Victoria. With a more modern, sleek body shape, this sedan regularly sees 200,000 miles without the owners blinking an eye. Sticking with the basic 6-cylinder model ensures ultimate reliability, whereas the EcoBoost models have proven to be a little more difficult.

Nissan Maxima


A little less common than its smaller counterpart, the Altima, the Nissan Maxima is just as reliable, if not more, due to the same technology.  Thanks to new mechanical components like the optional V-6 and continuously-variable automatic transmission, it’s almost certain these sedans will reach 200,000 miles (as long as the standard maintenance is kept up-to-date).