Super Bowl 2018 Car Commercials: The Good, the Bad, and the (very) Ugly

There’s not much that brings American together more than the Super Bowl and the famous commercial breaks that brought us the sing-a-long beer commercials, hilarious Alexa commercial, and of course, the highly anticipated car commercials.

For the first time in 6 years, the automotive ad spending for expensive commercials was on a decline: only a few select automakers made an appearance in the 2018 Super Bowl lineup.  And while a good amount of these commercials were successful, there were a few that missed the mark. Let’s see what you may have missed.  

Lexus LS 500F Sport

This Lexus-Marvel mashup promotes the newest movie in the Marvel world, “Black Panther.” And while it is a bit of a stretch that King T’Challa would cruise around in a fancy Toyota, the ad had the perfect attitude for during the big game.

Kia Stinger

Not really hitting the mark, Kia promoted the Stinger with former F1 champion and Indy-500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and a whole lot of help from CGI. Kia’s Stinger is “Fueled by Youth,” but what the commercial failed to mention is that the Kia Stinger won the Roadshow Shift award for Car of the Year.

Toyota – Good Odds

Toyota had their biggest ad spending for a Super Bowl this year, and they used it to focus on one word: Mobility. Both ads that aired were used to promote Toyota’s sponsorship of the Olympics and Paralympics to hit you right in the feels and drive home their new message of “Mobility for All.” Toyota’s goal is to conquer the impossible.


Jeep’s first commercial was a throwback to young Jeff Goldblum and the Jurassic Park chase scene, all coming together at the the end with a tagline about evolution. The all new 2018 Wrangler features an all new evolved model, tying into the man-made evolution in Jurassic Park. Clever.

But third time’s the charm for Jeep’s ad set. Their final commercial is simple, straightforward and lets the car do all the talking, showcasing a Jeep in its natural habitat, no frills.

RAM 1500

Ram exaggerated, in every sense of the word in their ads during Super Bowl LII. Their first ad features Vikings, the rugged and rough type who would enjoy a heavy duty pickup truck – provided they can wrap their minds around a vehicle.

But it’s their second ad that truly missed the mark and came off as tasteless.  Ram used clips of the Martin Luther King Jr. speech to align the Ram 1500 with greatness. However, this tone-deaf comparison hit the audience like a ton of bricks, considering the speech doesn’t paint consumerism in a positive light. Ouch.


What was your favorite car commercial? Let us know in the comment section below?