Person Inspecting the Vehicle
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What is a PDI?

A PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) is the final check completed before the sale of a vehicle. Whether brand new or pre-owned, somewhere in the fine print with the dealership mention the PDI. This thorough inspection ensures the car or truck is in top mechanical and operational condition.

For used cars and trucks, a PDI involves the initial inspection, all maintenance, and repairs, as well as the follow-up inspection.

A PDI is meant to give the customer peace of mind and confidence in the vehicle they are purchasing.

At Trust Auto, our inspections are completed with the guidance of the ASE-Certified technicians at Liberty Car & Truck Services, LLC. Once we purchase pre-owned vehicles at auction, they are carefully delivered to Trust Auto and prepared for inspection. 

In order to deliver the highest quality vehicles to our customers, our pre-delivery inspection includes a comprehensive checklist. 

Trust Auto Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist

  • In-depth research of the best cars to purchase at auction
    • This allows us to determine which makes and models to avoid, and which vehicles are the best quality.
  • Proper and safe transportation of the vehicles to our lot
    • We carefully hand-select automotive delivery companies to handle the safe and proper delivery of each vehicle to our property.
  • Thorough interior and exterior examinations
    • Our team of ASE-certified technicians tediously examine each vehicle to determine what needs to be fixed and corrected, if anything, before we list the vehicle for sale.
  • Body and mechanical repairs
    • After inspection, the technicians repair to the vehicle to ensure safety and proper operational functions.
  • Check all fluid levels
    • Vehicles aren’t transported with the fluids topped off, so we make sure all fluids are full and topped off with quality products.
  • Full detail
    • Before the final inspection, our technicians detail each vehicle from roof to tires, which gives it the sparkle and shine of a new vehicle.
  • Post-purchase inspection
    • This is the final check before you drive your car home! We check the car one last time to ensure optimal safety and driving conditions.
  • 125 Multi-point inspection
    • Every vehicle we sell at Trust Auto undergoes a 125-Point Inspection that covers every aspect from cosmetic wear to mechanical functions. Nothing is too small of a detail.

Visit Trust Auto today to fall in love with your next vehicle. We offer a wide variety of inventory options that are sure to please every customer.