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Pre-Owned Cars And Trucks For Sale Near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Looking for the ideal used car dealership near Fredericksburg, Virginia? Start your search by focusing on what vehicle best meets your needs and preferences. Is it a family crossover or a luxury car? Maybe you’re thinking about an electric vehicle or a hybrid? Read on as we highlight categories to consider and drill down into make and model suggestions.

Electric cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Chevrolet Spark EV

If your demands for an EV are modest (meaning driving is primarily local), then the Spark EV could be an ideal option. An 82-mile range isn’t suited for long-distance trips, but daily commutes and local errands are well within this Chevy’s capabilities.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The brand-new Ioniq 5 may be getting all the attention at Hyundai dealerships near Fredericksburg, Virginia, but consider the original Ioniq Electric. As a pre-owned car, it’s well-priced, capable (up to 170 miles of range), and offers five-door hatchback versatility.

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Kia Soul EV

Like some other EVs on this list, the Kia Soul EV offers a limited range (up to 111 miles), but this helps keep the price down. This can make the Soul EV well-suited for someone who doesn’t spend much time behind the wheel and doesn’t want to shell out a lot for a used electric vehicle.

Nissan Leaf

The Leaf has come a long way since becoming the first mass-produced EV for the American market. First-generation (2011-2017) models had a range from 73 to 120 miles (depending on model year). But, the second-generation (2018-present) Nissa n Leaf offers up to 226 miles of travel.

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is one example of a Tesla for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia. With up to 318 miles of range and seating for seven, this all-electric SUV is a benchmark vehicle in its class. As the label implies, the Long Range version emphasizes better travel distance, while the Performance edition focuses on improved acceleration.

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Hybrid cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Ford C-Max

The C-Max never got much love in the U.S. (it’s based on a European Ford), but it’s a fuel-friendly hybrid with room for five. Its somewhat quirky shape on the outside transformed into a spacious cabin for people and cargo. A lack of familiarity with the C-Max means potential bargains at car dealerships near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Honda CR-Z

Another unsung hybrid hero is the sporty Honda CR-Z two-seater. The CR-Z can be a little hard to find (built only from 2011-to 2016), so it may not be at a Honda dealership near Fredericksburg, Virginia. The car takes advantage of Honda’s hybrid technology for as much as 44 mpg on the highway. It’s the perfect commuter car for one or two people.

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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Not every hybrid is a Toyota Prius (we cover that one below). Check out the hybrid version of the venerable Hyundai Sonata sedan for something different. It’s got spacious room for five, and some models get up to 54 mpg on the highway (and helpful feature during times of high gas prices).

Nissan Rogue Hybrid

Looking for a Nissan Rogue Hybrid may take extra effort (it was available for just the 2017-2019 model years), but the gas-electronic powertrain combination offers a bit of extra oomph in the acceleration department. Of course, all the Rogue traits remain, including an ample and accommodating interior.

Toyota Prius

While not the first hybrid on the market (that hallmark goes to the Honda Insight), the Toyota Prius popularized combining a gas engine with an electric motor and battery. Newer models get mileage above the 50-mpg mark, and hatchback versatility can often take the place of a bulkier SUV.

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Family cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Chevrolet Malibu

Nowadays, a family car means a crossover, but not everyone wants five doors. So, look at the Chevy Malibu for sedan practicality and value; something to consider as prices for second-hand SUVs continue to rise. Newer models are four-cylinder only but look at Malibus from 2015 or earlier for six-cylinder power.

Ford Escape

The Escape is Ford’s long-serving entry in the highly competitive compact crossover market for more than 20 years. Check out the third-generation Escape (2013-2019) for an ideal blend of value, features, and equipment. The latest generation (2020-present) includes hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants.

Honda CR-V

Shopping for a used compact crossover will likely include a look at the Honda CR-V, one of the most popular vehicles in the U.S. It has generous space for five, including decent rear legroom and plenty of cargo-hauling ability. Like most vehicles in this category, the CR-V comes in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 often gets overshadowed by the CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 (covered below), but it’s a worthy competitor in this category. The CX-5 gets high marks for an upscale cabin (that would be at home in an Audi or an Acura) and exceptional driving manners.

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 helped launch a revolution when it debuted in the U.S. in 1994. Consumers quickly gravitated to the idea that an SUV didn’t need to be a huge gas guzzler. There’s plenty of room for five and all their stuff. Newer RAV4s also come as hybrids or plug-in hybrids.

Luxury cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Audi A5

Whether you’re visiting a used or Audi dealership near you in Fredericksburg, Virginia, add the A5 to your shopping list. There’s a body style to suit most needs: a two-door coupe, two-door convertible, or five-door fastback. Powerplants range from a fuel-friendly four-cylinder engine to high-performance six-cylinder options with twin turbochargers.

BMW 5 Series

Mention the term “German executive sedan,” and two cars come to mind: the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class. For the Bimmer, you’ll come across multiple generations of 5 Series cars (it’s been around for 50 years and seven generations).

Lexus NX

The compact Lexus NX represents a fine choice among affordable luxury cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia. It offers crossover versatility, the Lexus brand’s reputation for reliability, and a lower comparable sticker price than its big brother, the Lexus RX.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Searching for a Mercedes CLA at a pre-owned or Mercedes dealership near Fredericksburg, Virginia, can yield surprising results. This compact sedan captures the brand’s upscale design but does so with a surprisingly modest price tag. It offers a lot of Mercedes bang without the Mercedes buck.

Range Rover Sport

While Range Rovers exude luxury, they’re also very capable when it comes to off-road and foul-weather driving. These SUVs include the Range Rover Sport, the company’s mid-level offering, and one to check out among AWD cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Muscle cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Chevrolet Camaro

Mention “muscle car,” and the faithful Camaro is likely to come up in the conversation. It’s a capable sports car for Chevy fans that don’t want to step up to the storied Corvette . Newer Camaros start with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine for economical fun. And the over-the-top ZL1 embraces awesomeness with 650 ponies from a supercharged V-8.

Dodge Challenger

The Challenger goes back to 1970 when it helped define the muscle car era with unbridled power. Today’s Challenger (which first appeared in 2008) is more refined while still embracing outrageous engines like the storied Hellcat Hemi V-8 with up to 807 horsepower.

Ford Mustang

Any discussion of the Camaro and Challenger has to include the legendary Ford Mustang, which is approaching its 60th year of continuous production. Like the Chevy, more recent Mustangs come with a turbo-four engine for up to 330 horsepower. The Mustang GT offers solid V-8 performance, while the supercharged Shelby GT500 cranks out 760 ponies.

Used Manual cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is one of a handful of economy cars available with a stick. Whether you prefer a manual for more control or want to eke out every mpg on the highway, the compact Focus gets good grades for these characteristics. Ford axed the Focus after 2018.

Chevrolet Cruze

A Chevy Cruze is a bit harder to find, but you’ll want to search for the stick-only L trim or the LS and LT versions (some came with manuals). The Cruze comes as either a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback. Production ended with the 2019 model year.

Nissan 350Z

The Z-car is one of the most celebrated vehicles in automotive history. By focusing on a Nissan 350Z for sale, you’ll be looking for a 2002-2009 model year. The manual transmission is in the form of a six-speed gearbox which you’ll find in either a two-door roadster or three-door coupe.

Porsche 911

It doesn’t get much better for manual transmission fans than getting behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 with a stick in the center console. It’s the ultimate motoring experience, whether you’re on a fast highway or winding country road. You’ll find many options for these cars near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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Subaru WRX

Four doors don’t have to rule out fun, especially when piloting a Subaru WRX with a manual transmission. The standard all-wheel-drive helps keep the car planted, particularly during inclement weather, and the turbocharged engine will keep the grin on your face.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Fun and practical is a good way, to sum up, the Volkswagen GTI, the car that helped popularize the hot hatch in the 1970s. The eight-generation is new to the streets, so head back to earlier versions for engaging driving with a manual.

Cheap Used cars for sale near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dodge Caravan

Cheap cars for sale near you don’t have to be small, an important consideration if you need to haul lots of people or cargo. If this describes your situation, then shop for a Dodge Caravan. There are plenty of these used cars near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Hyundai Accent

Sometimes going from one place to another just requires a car without many extras, an accurate description of the Hyundai Accent. While newer models have become well-equipped, the requirements for a cheap vehicle mean you’ll be looking at an older and simpler Accent.

Nissan Versa

Another budget-friendly option at Fredericksburg used car dealers is the Nissan Versa. You’ll find either a sedan or five-door hatchback from the 2019 or earlier model year. An all-new 2020 Versa relaunched as a sedan-only offering.

Mazda Mazda6

Mazda sedans often get ignored over the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, but this helps make the Mazda6 sedan affordable over its more popular rivals. Here, you’ll discover a well-engineered auto with accommodating space for five.

Mitsubishi Mirage

As one of the cheapest new cars in the country, it’s no surprise that the Mitsubishi Mirage is a bargain basement choice among used cars near Fredericksburg, Virginia. But sometimes, basic transportation is all that’s needed when checking out cash cars for sale.

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