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Speed up your car buying with online pre-approval

Ready to find the perfect used car, truck, or SUV? Used vehicles are selling faster than ever so savvy buyers know that it pays to get pre-approved.

Find the sweet spot.

By getting pre-approved for vehicle financing, you’ll know exactly how much lenders are willing to loan you. This makes it easy to see if you can afford a newer car or one with more options and features.

Fast and secure

Our online car loan pre-approval application takes just minutes to complete from your phone or computer and you can rest assured your information is safe with our secure privacy encryption.

Easy math

When you know your interest rate and the total amount you can borrow, it’s easy to calculate just how much you can expect your monthly payments to be. This helps to simplify your shopping while staying comfortably inside your budget.

Seize the opportunity

Used cars are a little like snowflakes — they’re all unique. If you miss your opportunity because you’re not pre-approved for financing, you might be waiting awhile for a similar vehicle with make/model/mileage.

Stress-free & fun

Once the hassle of car loan financing is done, the fun begins! You’ll already know exactly how much you can afford so now it’s time to browse the selection and take any vehicle that catches your eye out for a test drive.

Ready to roll

When you’re ready to buy, you’re ready to buy NOW. You don’t want to waste time in a dealership financing office. When you’re pre-approved, you don’t have to!

Ready, set, drive

Online approvals

It takes approximately two minutes to get pre-approved on the Trust Auto website using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Secure your rate

We work with top local and national lenders to help our customers secure competitive low rates and great financing terms.

Take it for a test drive

Find a used vehicle you like on our website? Stop by our Sykesville, Maryland dealership to take it for a test drive!

Trade-in to trade up

We sell luxury used cars, trucks, and SUVs, but we’ll take any make or model vehicle as a trade-in to help you save on your next ride.

That’s it!

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a like-new, used vehicle and it all started by getting pre-approved on our website!

Frequently asked questions

I’ve never applied for credit before. Can I still get approved?

Definitely! We work with a network of top vehicle lenders to be able to get first-time buyers approved all the time.

I’m self-employed. Can I get a car loan?

Yes, you can! We help entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and others who earn their income outside of the standard W-2 employment to get approved for car loans all the time.

If I have bad credit, can I still get approved?

Definitely! We’re built relationships with auto loan lenders that allow us to find a solution for most credit situations. If you’re wondering what your current options look like, request your credit score range on our website then check out our car loan calculator or contact our dealership financing office for more information.

Can I get pre-approved from my bank?

Sure you can! We’d love to work with your bank, credit union, or other financial institution. Keep in mind that you may still want to get rate quotes from our lender network, though, as they may be lower than what you’re currently being offered.

How can I lower my monthly car loan payment?

Your car loan payment is affected by three things: the total loan amount, your interest rate, and how long you’ll take to pay the loan back. While you can’t do much about your interest rate (at least not quickly), you do have some control over the other factors. You can choose one of our affordable used vehicles. You can also reduce the amount you’ll pay (including the tax you pay) when you trade-in your old car at the same time as buying a new one. You also can look into a longer loan term which will increase the overall amount you pay, but will lower your monthly costs.