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Motorcycle Safety: 6 Tips Seasoned Riders Swear By

You can learn a lot about motorcycle safety in a motorcycle safety course, and it is certainly suggested that every rider takes one. However, there are some safety tips that are best learned through experience. Seasoned riders often have the best advice and tips for riding safely and navigating the road.

Motorcycle Safety Tips from Seasoned Riders

Wear the proper gear

While this may seem like common sense, you will see many riders wearing shorts and a t-shirt riding their bikes on the road. This will not keep you safe if you get in an accident and puts you at higher risk and subject to terrible injuries.  Wearing motorcycle gear (pants, jacket, vest), approved helmets, and gloves can prevent further damage and injury on the road.  Look for thinner gloves as to not affect your reaction time and allow you to maintain control.


Never Ride Tired

If you are traveling a long distance, it is recommended to that you stop every 75-125 miles to refresh and stretch. Every rider knows their tolerance, but it’s best to not push the limit and stop long before you are feeling tired.  Stretch your legs, refresh your brain, and only being riding again once you feel thoroughly awake.

Be Cautious of Large Trucks and Semis

Large trucks have low visibility, so when you can, ride within view of their mirrors so the driver knows you are there. Pass only when it is safe. Semi trucks cause wind turbulence than can be unsettling to riders so it is safest to not ride next to them or behind them when possible.

Only Ride According to Your Skills and Ability

If you are in a group of riders and they are traveling at a pace faster than you are comfortable with riding, hang back. It’s better to be cautious and safe than to go faster than your abilities allow. All riders need to be fully aware of their abilities, capabilities, and reaction time when riding in a group.


Keep a Clear Line of Sight

If you are looking at a curb, chances are, you’ll hit the curb.  Keep your eyes on the road and where you want to go. Look for clear paths, look through turns, and keep your field of vision on where you want to travel. Safely avoid road hazards, potholes, or any debris in the road by keeping your line of sight clear.