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What To Know About "Out-of-State Sale Only" Car Listings

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What To Know About “Out-of-State Sale Only” Car Listings

As you check out Trust Auto’s extensive online inventory , you may come across an individual vehicle listing with an “Out-of-State Sale Only” banner. It’s only natural to be curious about this distinction. What does this mean? Read on as we explain the details.

Maryland Vehicle Inspection Basics

As a licensed Maryland motor vehicle dealer, Trust Auto is obligated to provide our Maryland customers with cars, SUVs, and trucks that meet that state’s rigid inspection requirements. It’s a responsibility we take seriously and is part of our approach to quality customer service. If you live in Maryland and buy a vehicle from us, you’ll have the confidence in knowing the car can be registered without any inspection-related issues.

Why Is A Car Classified with An Out-of-State Sale Only Designation?

Trust Auto sources vehicles in numerous ways; this may involve auctions, trade-ins, and the direct purchase of privately owned cars. We’re always on the lookout for in-demand vehicles that can be offered at a great value. On occasion, we’ll come across a car that has been modified to the point of not being compliant with Maryland’s inspection regulations. Because this car presents a good deal to our customers, we’ll choose to sell it at our dealership. At the same time, we fully disclose what’s going on.

What Causes A Vehicle To Not Be Compliant With Maryland Requirements?

Maryland’s car inspection standards are detailed and complex, so we’ll skip the technical explanation, But we usually come across modifications in three areas.

  • Wheels: Cars and trucks with extra-wide wheels are something we regularly encounter; a previous owner may have wanted improved traction or a more aggressive vehicle stance. Regardless, if the wheels extend past the fenders, then the car is non-compliant in Maryland.
  • Engine: We also see cars with engine changes that bypass pollution control devices and modify (or remove) the exhaust system. These changes can boost engine performance or produce a stronger exhaust note (or both). Nonetheless, these modifications can run afoul of emissions standards.
  • Suspension: Lifted trucks and SUVs are all the rage, but they won’t pass inspection if the vehicle is raised too high.

Why Does Trust Auto Sell Out-of-State Sale Only Vehicles?

As we mentioned, it’s all about value for our customers. Buying a great vehicle at a great price is the goal of every car shopper. And we do our best to deliver. Restoring a modified vehicle to its original (and Maryland-complaint) condition doesn’t make economic sense. We could spend thousands returning a car to normal, but then the price to consumers would go up significantly. We prefer to present this approach as a money-saving option for our out-of-state customers.

What Should I Know About Buying An Out-of-State Sale Only Vehicle?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. If you’re a Maryland resident, we cannot sell you an out-of-state only car—we’re committed to observing all laws and regulations. If you live outside of Maryland, then these cars present a great opportunity for value. That said, it’s essential to know that the non-Maryland consumer is responsible for verifying that any vehicle is compliant with their state’s inspection requirements.

What If You Have More Questions About Out-of-State Sale Only Vehicles?

Reach out to the professionals at Trust Auto to learn more about out-of-state sale-only cars. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and review all the details. Call or visit us today .