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Used Cars And SUVs For Sale Online Near Fairfax, Virginia

At one point, checking out used cars for sale involved trips to endless dealerships with the hopes of finding the perfect vehicle. Thanks to technology, you can save time and energy by shopping online. Regardless if you live in Fairfax, Virginia, or across the country, you can let your fingers do the buying. But, it all begins with figuring out what car to purchase. Read on for a quick look at some options.

Audi | Used Audi for Sale

Used 2012 Audi A7 3.0 Prestige Quattro AWD

Check out these examples at a pre-owned Audi dealership near you in Fairfax, Virginia.

Audi A4

Before SUVs were commonplace on the streets, the compact Audi A4 sedan was a best seller for Audi, Volkswagen’s premium division. The fifth (and current) generation debuted for the 2016 model year with sophisticated safety technology and unique styling. Alternatively, the previous edition (2008-2015) presents a wallet-saving opportunity to drive a luxury car.

Audi A6

The Tesla Model S (covered below) has decimated sales of other luxury sedans, so buying something like the used Audi A6 can be a savvy move. It’s not as in-demand as SUVs, and it’s a great alternative to the BMW 5 Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans. Depending on the model year and configuration, look for A-6 power from a four- or six-cylinder engine.

Audi Q5

Like most automakers, Audi’s best-selling vehicle is an SUV. We’re talking about the ever-popular compact Q5. Both generations (2009-2017, 2018-present) feature the brand’s trademark upscale interior, comfortable space for five, and room for plenty of gear or groceries. Most models on dealers’ lots will have Quattro all-wheel drive.

Audi Q7

Audi’s largest SUV, the Q7, shares impressive DNA with other vehicles in the Volkswagen empire. We’re talking about the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga, and Lamborghini Urus; that’s some remarkable company. Since 2006, the Q7 has offered three rows of convenience wrapped in typical upscale Audi fashion. Over the years, powerplants include six- and eight-cylinder gas engines, Diesel, and hybrid options.

BMW | Used BMW for Sale

White BMW parked in the front of Trust Auto

Here are some pre-owned vehicles you’ll likely find at a used car or BMW dealership near Fairfax, Virginia.

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BMW 3 Series

While BMW makes high-end vehicles like the ultra-luxurious 7 Series sedan and the performance-focused M4 coupe, it’s the 3 Series that helped propel this automaker to the upper echelons of premium motoring. Look for a budget-friendly 320i or the zippy M340i. There are numerous pre-owned options for these BMWs near Fairfax, Virginia.

BMW 6 Series

The original BMW 6 Series goes back to the 1970s, but we’ll focus on more recent generations that began in 2003. Explore the coupe or convertible versions of the E63 generation (2003-2010), the F-12 version (2011-2016), which added a four-door Gran Coupe body style, or the newest (G32) generation (only available as a five-door hatchback). 


Another pre-owned BMW to check out is the X3. The automaker calls it an SAV (sports activity vehicle), but it’s one of the multiple SUVs from BMW in Fairfax you’ll come across. With each generation (there are three, starting in 2003), the X3 has gotten larger and more sophisticated. Engines vary by model year and variant, but power comes from either a four- or six-cylinder (some with turbocharging).


Along with the Mercedes ML (now the GLE, covered below), the BMW X5 helped usher in the import luxury SUV craze (even though both are built in the U.S.!). The X5 goes back to the 2000 model year. Over its four generations, this SUV has become one of the benchmarks for the industry. Even basic models offer a peppy driving experience, while a twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine brings sports car performance to a family vehicle. The X5 is one to look at for Fairfax BMW used cars for sale.

Honda | Used Honda for Sale

Discover these used car examples at a pre-owned or Honda dealership near Fairfax, Virginia.

Honda Civic

A search for a used, fuel-efficient car that won’t break the bank means you’re likely to have a Honda Civic on the list. For 50 years, this trusty car has helped set the pace for the compact vehicle category. Focus on the ninth generation (2011-2015) or the tenth generation (2016-2021) for modern features at a palatable price. If you like a stick, some Civic models are used manual cars for sale.

Honda CR-V

The venerable Honda CR-V is among the numerous family cars for sale near Fairfax, Virginia. For many, this SUV’s size and versatility are the ideal solution for everyday transportation and vacation adventures. The fourth-generation (2012-2016) CR-V is a sweet spot for shoppers as it benefits from an ample cabin and a more fuel-efficient powerplant.

Honda Odyssey

While minivans have lost favor to SUVs, the Honda Odyssey still presents itself as a more than competent people and thing mover. Regardless of the year (although you can probably skip the small-ish first-gen from the 1990s), each generation has offered an Odyssey for everyone with different trims for different budgets. The latest version ranges from the base LX to the over-the-top Elite.

Hyundai | Used Hyundai for Sale

A pre-owned Hyundai dealership near Fairfax, Virginia, offers numerous models to consider.

Hyundai Elantra

An older Hyundai Elantra can be among the best cheap used cars for sale near Fairfax, Virginia. It’s a no-fuss option that can easily get you from point A to B. Go for a newer version, like the sixth generation (2017-2020) or the seventh (2021-present), for a sleekly designed sedan that packs a lot of value. The newest editions come with advanced safety technology.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Let’s be honest, the initial version of the Hyundai Santa Fe (for the 2001 model year) was nothing inspiring, especially in light of competing products. But each successive generation (now in its fourth version) has improved while impressing legions of compact SUV shoppers. The third generation offers two wheelbase options. 

Hyundai Sonata

It used to be that shopping for a compact sedan meant deciding between a Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry. But each generation of the Sonata has seen a steady increase in sophistication, capability, and size. There are numerous powertrain options, including a hybrid edition. High-end versions offer the luxury car treatment.

Hyundai Tucson

Notched below the Santa Fe, the Tucson offers all the versatility of an SUV but in a more compact size. As a result, this model is the automaker’s best-selling SUV. Globally, Hyundai has sold more than seven million examples since it launched in 2004. Depending on what you find on the lot, the drivetrain will be a front-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive. Power always comes from a four-cylinder engine. 

Mercedes-Benz | Used Mercedes-Benz for Sale

Black Mercedes Benz AMG parked on the road

A few models may be attractive if you’re considering a luxury car from a used or Mercedes dealership near Fairfax, Virginia.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Discovering affordable luxury cars for Sale near Fairfax, Virginia, begins with the Mercedes C-Class; it’s arguably the original inexpensive premium vehicle. This is especially the case when shopping for a pre-owned Mercedes. Most C-Class models you’ll find are sedans, but there may be a convertible or coupe on a dealer lot. Head back to the early years of the 21st century if you’re itching for a station wagon.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Of course, luxury cars for sale near Fairfax, Virginia, aren’t all passenger vehicles; SUVs are very much part (if not the majority) of the premium market. Mercedes’ GLC compact utility is a “Goldilocks” option for many luxury shoppers; it’s not too big or too small. Two rows and five seats are all most buyers need.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Sticking with the five-seat format, the Mercedes GLE offers more cabin space and a larger street presence. This model launched Mercedes into the SUV realm when it first built the GLE’s predecessor, the ML-Class, in the late 1990s. Today, it’s hard not to find a GLE at a country club or high-end shopping mall.

Nissan | Used Nissan for Sale

Explore a variety of pre-owned options at a used or Nissan dealership near Fairfax, Virginia.

Nissan Rogue

With buyers and automakers focused on SUVs, it’s no surprise that the compact Rogue is Nissan’s most popular vehicle. The first generation was released in 2008 and transformed into the Rogue Select in 2014 as the second-gen Rogue hit the market. The third version debuted for the 2021 model year, so you won’t find too many of the newest models at a used car dealer near Fairfax, Virginia.

Nissan Sentra

It’s easy to get tempted by high-performance sports cars or super-luxury autos, but basic transportation is sometimes all that’s called for. In this case, the Nissan Sentra can serve well as a daily driver. While the car’s history goes back 40 years and eight generations, the seventh edition (2013-2019) is a common sight at just about any pre-owned car dealer near Fairfax, Virginia.

Nissan Altima

We’ve said it before, sedans are often overshadowed by today’s SUV-focused market. This can create a buying opportunity for the wise car shopper. Among these choices is the Nissan Altima, a sedan plying American roads for almost 30 years. Newer models have advanced features like high-tech driver aids and all-wheel drive. So think about the Altima if you’re searching for AWD cars for sale near Fairfax, Virginia.

Toyota | Used Toyota for Sale

A search for a used car at a Toyota dealership near Fairfax, Virginia, can offer numerous choices.

Toyota Corolla

Like the Honda Civic, the Corolla is the quintessential used car to shop for. It’s inoffensive, affordable, and reliable. A formula that undoubtedly starts with the Corolla being the most popular new car in history (more than 50 million have left Toyota’s factories). While later generations are all about the sedan body style, the latest Corolla also offers a hatchback option.

Toyota Prius

Looking for hybrid cars for sale near Fairfax, Virginia, will probably include checking out a Toyota Prius. Although not the first hybrid on the market (that distinction goes to the Honda Insight), the Prius is undoubtedly the first hybrid vehicle that comes to mind for many. What’s not to like? Exceptional fuel economy and hatchback versatility are just some of the benefits of owning a Prius.

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Toyota RAV4

We already mentioned the Honda CR-V, so it’s only fair to call attention to the Toyota RAV4. It’s among the most popular cars on the road, so RAV4s are a common sight at just about any pre-owned car dealership near Fairfax, Virginia. Choose from the third generation (2006-2012) or fourth generation (2013-2018) for affordable options for this compact crossover.

Tesla | Used Tesla for Sale

White Tesla for Sale Online Front View Image

You don’t have to buy from the manufacturer when shopping for a used Tesla for sale near Fairfax, Virginia.

Tesla Model S

While not the first electric vehicle, the Model S helped popularize that a premium vehicle doesn’t require a conventional engine. And the success of this EV helped steal sales away from most BMW cars dealerships and other high-end brands. Used examples go as far back as the 20212 model year.

Tesla Model 3

Another choice among pre-owned electric cars for sale near Fairfax, Virginia, is the Tesla Model 3, the Model S’s younger (and smaller) brother. It’s the most successful EV on the market (so far). As a result, pre-owned models can be a frequent sight at a used car dealership near Fairfax, Virginia.

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