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Used Cars for Sale Online Near Me in Maryland

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Used Cars for Sale Online Near Me in Maryland

The old days of auto shopping with a visit to the car lot to see what’s in stock is long gone. Today’s used car buyers begin online with searches like “cheap used cars for sale near me” or “used cars cheap.” What’s more, vehicle shopping doesn’t even have to involve a trip to a dealer. Many auto retailers offer 100% virtual shopping , including delivery to a buyer’s home.

The pandemic brought on a whole new world of car shopping. And even with things gradually returning to normal, people have discovered the convenience and time savings of online car shopping .

How to Shop Online: Used Cars for Sale Near Me

The almost limitless availability of online cars to check out can be overwhelming. So, before you start searching for “cash cars for sale near me,” try to set some parameters in advance.

Vehicle Type: You may already have a preference for a particular type of car, but otherwise, narrow down what matches your needs and wants.

  • SUV/Crossover: These cars make up almost half of new car sales, so you’ll find plenty of these family haulers to choose from.
  • Sedan: Once the bread-and-butter of the car world, sedans tend to be less costly than SUVs while still offering the convenience of four doors.
  • Coupe: These two-door offerings come in all sorts of flavors, from an economy car to a high-end luxury ride.
  • Hatchback: Although harder to find these days, hatchbacks offer an easy-access cargo area with either a sporty two-door profile or four-door practicality.
  • Pickup: Trucks are the most popular vehicles in America for a reason—go-anywhere capability, abundant passenger and cargo accommodations, and a commanding presence on and off the road.
  • Van: Whether there’s a need for cargo space or the ability to transport a school sports team, it’s hard to argue with a van’s versatility.
  • Wagon: Perhaps the most challenging vehicle type to find on the used car marketplace, wagons offer SUV-like capability with road manners like a sedan.
  • Sports Car: Not every car has to be completely practical, and a sports car can put a smile on your face while still handling daily driver duties.
  • Convertible: Convertibles are the only way to have fun in the sun while commuting to work or getting groceries.

Powertrain: The powertrain primarily consists of the engine and transmission: basically, it’s what moves the car and manages the engine or motor.

  • Engine: Gas-powered cars are no longer the sole option for auto buyers. Other choices include Diesel, gas-electric hybrids (including plug-in versions), and all-electric. Check out: used hybrid cars for sale near me .
  • Transmission: While most vehicles (more than 90 percent) have an automatic transmission (including continuously variable varieties), some sports cars and specialized autos may be available with a manual transmission.

Drivetrain: The drivetrain is the component or system that delivers power to the wheels.

  • Front-Wheel Drive (FWD): As the name implies, an FWD car uses the front wheels for movement. This setup tends to be more fuel-efficient and reasonably capable in light snow or slippery road conditions.
  • Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD): A RWD configuration is common in sports cars, trucks, and larger vans. Older RWD cars can “fishtail” in some conditions, but modern technology like anti-lock brakes and stability control keep a better handle on this in more contemporary vehicles.
  • All-Wheel Drive/Four-Wheel Drive (AWD/4WD): AWD/4WD systems are steadily gaining favor even in mainstream cars. The ability to safely and confidently travel in adverse weather appeals to single and family drivers alike. Learn more: AWD Vs. 4WD: The Ultimate Guide .

Brand/Make: Whether you prefer a particular automaker or are looking for a vehicle within a category (economy, mainstream, or luxury), having a pick can streamline the shopping process. Are you a Toyota person or have BMW dreams? It’s up to you. Consider premium choices when searching for used luxury cars for sale near me.

Other Factors to Consider:

Budget: Of course, the size of your wallet is the greatest determinant of what car you can shop for. Visions of a Porsche may be fantastic, but reality may mean that you should focus on Fords and Hondas. Later on, we’ll look at some suggestions for budget-friendly cars to consider.

Fuel Economy: Tied into the budget is fuel economy. Think about how much you regularly drive. Is it 5,000 or 10,000 miles a year? Perhaps you’re behind the wheel for 15,000 miles over 12 months. Do some basic math to see how much it will cost to drive a particular vehicle. Let’s say you drive 12,000 miles a year and are considering a car that averages 25 miles per gallon. This works out to 480 gallons of fuel a year. At $4 a gallon, you’ll spend $1,920 a year (or $160 per month) at the gas station.

Seating Capacity: While that two-seat sports car may match up perfectly with the budget, it’s likely a non-starter if there’s more than one person among your regular driving companions. In other words, consider who you need to bring along in the car. This includes taking into account any potential future family members.

Cargo Needs: Similarly, you’ll need to pass on that sweet convertible if regularly driving includes hauling stuff from the home improvement store or a team’s load of sports gear.

Insurance: Talk with your insurance company (or shop for a new one) about how a prospective car may impact premiums. One particular model or type may help or hurt your bottom line. Check out: 12 Tips How To Save On Car Insurance .

Used Cars for Sale Near Me Under $10,000

It’s no secret that used car prices have increased significantly since the full effects of the pandemic impacted the car industry. But, some careful research can yield options even with less than ten grand to spend.

Crossover: Ford Escape

You’ll need to concentrate the search on examples with about a decade’s worth of ownership and about 100,000 miles. 2013 and newer Escapes benefit from the third-generation design with sleeker looks and an upgraded interior. Look for a model with the XLT or better trim. If you’re not a Blue Oval fan, check out a similarly aged Chevrolet Equinox or GMC Terrain.

Electrical Vehicle: Nissan Leaf

If you don’t need to drive long distances and want something cheap to operate, consider a Nissan Leaf EV . You’ll have no trouble finding a clean example from 2012 or 2013 with less than 50,000 miles. It’s an ideal car for average daily commutes, first-car duties, or just local errands. Plus, you’ll have money left over. Also, consider an all-electric 2012 Ford Focus as an alternative.

Sedan: Chevrolet Impala

There are a lot of other ten-year-old Chevy sedans (Sonic, Cruise, and Malibu) that fall within a $10,000 budget, but we suggest concentrating on the Impala. It’s spacious, safe, and has a reputation for reliability. In other words, it’s a lot of money. Sure, a first-time driver may not get excited about this four-door Chevy, but that’s the point. Any Honda Accords or Toyota Camrys in this price range will likely have 150,000 miles or more.

Used Cars for Sale Under $6,000 Near Me

Choices will narrow with a slimmer $6,000 budget, but you’ll still be able to find something.

Economy Car: Nissan Sentra

You’ll need to toss a coin in choosing an older (2010-2012) Sentra with less than 100,000 miles or a somewhat newer (2012-2013) example with higher mileage. Regardless, you’ll get a compact but capable sedan that sips fuel. Also, consider its smaller Versa stablemate, which comes in sedan or hatchback form.

Hatchback: Ford Focus

The Focus could easily fall under the economy car label. However, its competent road manners and good handling seem to be a cut above the usual econobox. But, this isn’t to say the Focus is a sports car. Available as a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback, “focus” on examples from 2012 or newer, so you’ll be shopping for a third-generation model. With some digging, you’ll come across choices under 150,000 miles and within budget.

Sedan: Hyundai Sonata

Search out a 2011-2012 Sonata to take advantage of streamlined six-generation styling and a more refined interior. Expect the odometer to read somewhere around the 150,000-mile range, but you’ll still get a decently equipped midsize sedan for less than $6,000.

Used Cars for Sale Near Me Under $5,000

Let’s be honest. These days $5,000 isn’t a lot to spend on a car, but there are options out there.

SUV: Jeep Liberty

An SUV for less than five grand? Yes, and it’s the compact Jeep Liberty , the brand’s forgotten stepchild that got replaced by the Cherokee. You’ll need to scope out models from 2005 to 2010, but mileage won’t be too bad (under 150,000). These Jeeps are robust and cheap to work on. And despite the age, a Liberty still looks reasonably contemporary.

Sedan: Buick LaCrosse

People aren’t beating a path to track down used Buick sedans, but this creates a buying opportunity for a budget-minded shopper. You’ll have to settle for something that’s 15 years old or so and with at least 100,000 miles on the clock. But, with some luck, you might come across a LaCrosse CXL with an upscale leather interior. Plus, this Buick offers a spacious, family-friendly cabin. For more similarly priced options, check out other Buick sedans—Lucerne and Le Sabre.

Minivan: Dodge Caravan

Whether you need to haul people or cargo, sometimes there’s no substitute for a minivan. A $5,000 budget is tight but not impossible. With the idea of skipping high-mileage examples (that means no Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna), zero in on 2005 to 2007 Dodge Caravans. Repairs, if needed, aren’t too pricey, and parts are plentiful. Be sure to put the Caravan’s corporate twin, the Chrysler Town & Country, on the shopping list, too.

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