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Used Cars for Sale Near You in Baltimore, Maryland I Trust Auto

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Used Cars for Sale Near You in Baltimore, Maryland

Shopping for a used car in Baltimore can be an overwhelming experience. In addition to numerous car dealerships to consider, a buyer has to think about what type of car to purchase. This can be a daunting task.

This article will show you the best ways to buy a used car in Baltimore. We’ll also explore the best Toyota, Ford, and Chevy options for used cars for sale in Baltimore.

The Basics: Find Used Cars For Sale

Before diving into makes and models, it’s helpful to narrow your choices before venturing out to a car dealership in Baltimore, Maryland, or searching for cars online. Do this by deciding what type of car you want and what equipment you need.

Body Style

It doesn’t get more fundamental than figuring out the types of cars for sale. You may have dreams of a sporty coupe, but reality may require an SUV or minivan. Consider all the options:

  • Coupe
  • Sedan
  • Hatchback
  • SUV/Crossover
  • Pickup
  • Minivan
  • Van
  • Convertible
  • Wagon


At one point, a power plant was just another name for a gas- or Diesel-powered engine, but more and more car shoppers are choosing a hybrid or all-electric option. Check out Diesel vs. Gasoline: All You Need to Know and How Much Do You Really Know About Hybrid Cars?

  • Gasoline Engine
  • Diesel Engine
  • Hybrid Engine
  • Plug-In Hybrid Engine
  • Electric Motor


Less than five percent of new cars get sold with a manual transmission; it’s a trend that’s been going on for decades as automakers steer shoppers towards automatics. A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a form of an automatic gearbox.

  • Automatic
  • CVT
  • Manual

Drive Type

Front-wheel drive is a common configuration due to better fuel economy and improved foul-weather handling. You’re most likely to find the rear-wheel-drive on SUVs, trucks, and some premium coupes and sedans. All-wheel drive is available on several vehicle types, while four-wheel drive is more associated with trucks. Learn more: AWD Vs. 4WD: The Ultimate Guide .

  • Front-wheel drive
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • All-wheel drive
  • Four-wheel drive


Getting a handle on must-have equipment is also vital for checking out used cars near you. Are you looking for advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking? Or is there a preference for luxury touches such as leather upholstery or a power sunroof? Make a mental note or write out what equipment is a deal-breaker.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is less important if you don’t spend much time behind the wheel, but mileage can affect the wallet if a long commute is part of the daily routine. Fuel economy for a used car may vary from the government’s new car information. Still, a review of can provide a rough idea about fuel costs for any used car under consideration.


Think of these three characteristics—budget, model year, and mileage—like a wobbly three-legged stool. They all kind of balance out, but more or less one affects the other two. For example, a higher budget means you can afford a newer car or one with lower mileage. Likewise, higher mileage can translate into a lower-priced or newer car. Determine your priorities and understand how they interact with these other factors.

Used Cars for Sale Right Now in Baltimore, MD

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars ever made; it’s been in continuous production since 1966. This Toyota is a great choice for people looking for an affordable, reliable, and fuel-efficient car. And older models frequently make the list of cheap cars for sale; less expensive options than you’d find at Toyota of Baltimore.

While the Corolla is mainly known as a compact sedan, the 12th generation debuted in 2018 with a five-door hatchback added to the lineup. Examples from the past five years include the latest safety features.

Toyota Camry

A search for cars for sale in Baltimore should include the Camry. Like other Toyotas, it’s got a great reputation for reliability. Plus, it’s a mid-sized sedan with comfortable room for five and a trunk that can swallow groceries or weekend gear.

Because the Camry has long been one of the most popular passenger cars in America, you’ll find many choices when looking for used cars for sale near you. To focus on the economy and fuel savings, look for a four-cylinder Camry. Or, choose a six-cylinder model for fun and peppy driving.

Toyota Prius

Few cars have transformed the automotive marketplace like the Toyota Prius . Its revolutionary hybrid powertrain showed the world that fuel economy didn’t require a tiny, underpowered car. And while hybrid power has become mainstream, every Prius has a unique body to help it stand out from the crowd.

Starting with the second generation (2004-2009), the Prius ditched the sedan format for a hatchback configuration. The most recent version (the fourth generation) offers features like an all-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid option.

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Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 ushered in the subcompact crossover to America, and car buyers couldn’t get enough of this breakthrough Toyota. Today, the RAV4 is the brand’s best seller and a favorite across the country. Across five generations and almost thirty years, the RAV4 is about providing owners with an ideal combination of space, economy, and value.

Newer models include the latest safety gear like automatic emergency braking. Plus, you can select from a traditional gas engine or a hybrid setup (including a plug-in hybrid version).

Toyota Highlander

Whether you’re lugging around an afterschool sports team or hauling all sorts of gear, there’s no substitute for a three-row crossover like the Toyota Highlander. Basic models such as the LE offer driving essentials, while the upscale Limited or Platinum provides premium features common in luxury vehicles.

Notably, Highlanders in a hybrid form go as far back as the 2006 model year. It was one of the first crossovers with this fuel-saving technology and offered near V-8 performance with the benefits of a six-cylinder engine. Newer models include a four-cylinder hybrid option.

Ford Cars for Sale near Baltimore, Maryland

Ford Focus

Searching for cheap cars for sale near you should include a Ford Focus; it’s a trusty compact that you can find as a hatchback or sedan. A fuel-sipping four-cylinder engine helps keep expenses to a minimum. And because Ford stopped making passenger cars (except the Mustang), cars like the Focus can be as many shoppers prefer SUVs and crossovers.

For some budget-minded fun, look for the Focus ST, which features a performance-tuned four-cylinder engine. You’ll enjoy an economy car that can go from zero to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Ford Mustang

In simple terms, the Ford Mustang is an automotive legend. Not only is it the automaker’s oldest nameplate still in production, but this pony car has been turning heads since its 1964 introduction. For the ultimate in performance, check out a GT500, GT350, or GT with thrilling V-8 capability.

For a Mustang that looks great but takes it easier at the pump, search out models with a six-cylinder or turbocharged four-cylinder engine. And don’t forget, a Mustang comes as a coupe or a convertible.

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Ford Escape

Taking on the Chevy Equinox, Honda CR-V, and Toyota RAV4, the Ford Escape has offered compact SUV shoppers something from the Blue Oval for over two decades. Savvy buyers may find the third generation (2013-2019) to be the sweet spot for used Ford Escapes.

Its curvy body delivers modern styling on the outside and spacious accommodations for five on the inside. It’s also new enough to benefit from updated technology while costing far less than a new model you’d buy at Ford of Baltimore.

Ford Explorer

It’s hard to believe now, but at one point in history (as far back as the 1990s), SUVs were the exception on the road, not the rule. And one of the first vehicles to change things was the Ford Explorer. A spacious interior and car-like road manners helped rocket the Explore to showroom success.

Newer Explorers still embrace these characteristics while taking advantage of the latest infotainment and safety gear. Power ranges (depending on the model year) from a punchy turbo four-cylinder to a twin-turbo V-6 that can embarrass some V-8s.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 remains America’s best-selling vehicle of any type. And for more than four decades, this pickup has gone from a trusty work truck to a reliable daily driver. You’re just as likely now to see an F-150 in the parking lot as you are an SUV or sedan.

Basic models like a regular cab XL keep the focus on the essentials. You can also choose from top-tier versions like a SuperCab or SuperCrew in King Ranch, Platinum, or Limited trim for an over-the-top truck.

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Chevy Cars for Sale near Baltimore, Maryland

Chevrolet Malibu

Like many sedans, the Chevy Malibu may not get points for excitement. But what it lacks in exhilaration, it makes up for in practicality and value. Remember, less-in-demand sedans present an attractive wallet-friendly alternative to crossovers.

Later-model Malibus feature one of two turbocharged four-cylinder engines, an ample and modern cabin, and the latest entertainment and driver-aid technology. Head back to the eighth generation (2013-2015) to come across a Malibu with a V-6.

Chevrolet Camaro

We’ve covered the Ford Mustang in this article, so it’s only fair to mention the Chevy Camaro . Like the Mustang, the Camaro has a heritage back to the 1960s. And similarly, today’s high-performance models offer a thrilling driving experience. For example, a newer Camaro ZL1 cranks out 650 horsepower, an output that was once reserved for supercars. But don’t worry, you’ll have no problem finding this Chevrolet in Baltimore with a four- or six-cylinder engine.

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Chevrolet Equinox

If car shopping involves a compact SUV, you’ll want to add the Chevy Equinox to the list. It’s a right-sized vehicle that’s large enough for five and easy to park. For a budget-minded purchase, focus on the second-generation Equinox (2010-2017) that offers streamlined looks and abundant cargo space. Redesigned for 2018, the latest Equinox incorporates the latest safety technology, and you might be able to find an Equinox Diesel (built from 2018 to 2019).

Chevrolet Traverse

Classified as a mid-sized, three-row crossover, the Traverse is one of the largest vehicles in its class. That makes this Chevy an ideal alternative for someone who doesn’t want a jumbo SUV like a Tahoe or Suburban. The first-generation version (2009-2017) comes with a V-6 engine, and the latest Equinox (2018-present) gets either a turbo four-cylinder engine or a V-6.

Chevrolet Silverado

While Chevy trucks have been traveling American roads for more than 100 years, the brand reset the bar when it introduced an all-new truck, the Silverado , in 1999. Over two generations, Chevy has offered the Silverado in numerous configurations. The WT (Work Truck) trim keeps things simple, while the Silverado High Country offers luxury-car level features. And in-between versions, provide just-right amounts of equipment.

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Trust Auto: Your Used Car Dealership near Baltimore

Let the experts at Trust Auto help navigate the world of pre-owned cars. Our used cars for sale online near you include a wide selection of high-quality vehicles . Why shop at a Ford, Chevy, or Toyota dealer in Baltimore? Our convenient Sykesville location offers a variety of makes, models, and prices. Plus, we make working with our car dealership near Baltimore easy. You can shop entirely online , and we’ll deliver your new car for free within a 100-mile radius. The search across used car dealerships near you can start and finish at Trust Auto. Contact us today for unmatched service at this exceptional Baltimore car dealer.