The Ultimate Pickup Truck Buyer’s Guide | Trust Auto

Posted February 7, 2022

Head down a highway or even a suburban street, and you’ll notice that pickup trucks are everywhere. What was once a vehicle for all work and no play has steadily become a mainstream form of transportation. More than 20 percent of new vehicles sold today are pickups. And for more than four decades, t

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How The 1957 BMW 507 Became A $5 Million Car | Trust Auto

Posted January 29, 2022

German carmakers have a long history of playing leapfrog with each other. When one brand carves out a new vehicle segment, it’s likely to be followed by a similar vehicle from a Teutonic rival. A modern instance is BMW’s X6 that turned a boxy SUV into a fastback looker. Now Mercedes-Benz has the GLE

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A Tale of Two Chevy Silverados: EV versus Gas Power | Trust Auto

Posted January 28, 2022

After the GMC’s Hummer EV and Ford’s F150 Lightning launches, it was pretty clear that Chevrolet was due for an EV truck. Chevy revealed its efforts for an all-electric pickup truck recently at the CES 2022.
Based on the Hummer EV’s platform, this newest version of the Silverado boasts impressive nu

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Top 12 Best Used Cars Under $5,000 | Trust Auto

Posted January 22, 2022

The truth is $5,000 won’t buy a sparkling, late-model used car. But, there are still affordable options if you’re looking for a decent first car or local daily driver. Read on as we explore what bargain-basement choices to consider.
If a Honda Accord (see below) isn’t your cup of tea, but Honda reli

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Why The 1971 Chevy Corvette LS6 Is So Special | Trust Auto

Posted January 21, 2022

The 1971 LS6-powered Corvette is both rare and significant. Its high-compression engine marked the peak of the muscle-car era. And this Chevy contained a last-of-kind powerplant that would be no longer viable as a heavy hand of federal emission regulations began to take its grip.
The year 1971 was n

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The Best Used Trucks Under $10,000 | Trust Auto

Posted January 17, 2022

Americans love their trucks. It’s a fact backed up by the country’s three best-selling vehicles being pickups. And while new truck sales add to automakers’ fat profits, not everyone wants or needs to spend big bucks on something perfect and shiny with a cargo bed. 
With this in mind, we’ve put toget

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